SD151 – Close Your Eyes – Activist

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Breakthrough Australian Reverse Bass producer ACTIVIST, makes his debut UK Hardcore release on Scarred Digital with ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES’ . Euphoric hands in the air riffs, modern synth leads and a pounding bassline, this is a must have release for your collection.

SD159 – Galaxy Rush – Pulse & Brady feat D-Core

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Taking your senses on a ‘GALAXY RUSH’, a journey into sound.  Pulse, Brady and D-Core have produced an epic release filled with melodic riffs, trancy sounds and acid lines with a freeform flava.  On the flip, the energy really intensifies with the dynamic variance including a new riff and bassline.   Definitely one for your aural pleasure.

SDA008 – Scarred By Sound

RELEASED: 10/04/2019

Scarred By Sound Album features original 15 tracks from 32 artists over 9 countries within the Scarred Digital family. A very diverse album, covers all genres of the hardcore scene. This a must have album to fulfill your raving needs.

SD158 – Double Rainbow – Wyld

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WYLD astonishes ravers minds with ‘DOUBLE RAINBOW’.  Captivating melodies and rhythmic hardcore beats spread mystical sounds across the dancefloor which, like a rainbow, captures the heart of those who come across them.

SD157 – Still Alive – Studioslave

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Scarred Digital’s Studioslave returns with an uplifting vocal release; On the the flip, Dean-P compliments the EP with his own spin on ‘Still Alive’.  Catchy riffs, big vocals and stomping beats from these two producers.

SD156 – With You – Swifty

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Swifty – With You, is an extremely catchy UK hardcore vocal release which will have the crowd singing & bouncing along to these upbeat, happy riffs and jubilant vibes.  On the flip, ‘Evolution Records’ producer Ganah works his magic with his unique sound and style.  Another big release from these two artists after their collaboration ‘Come Let Go’, which was a strong chart topper for Scarred Digital.

SD155 – Dark World – Tamerax

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Tamerax returns with this power driven EP, showcasing what this world renowned Canadian artist is all about.  Dark World is an empowering instrumental track with big drums, innovative strings and emotional heartfelt riffs.  The Hardcore mix ramps up the tempo featuring two exciting drops: 1st into pure filth and dirty synths then the 2nd drop is all motivating main riffs and stomping beats.  On the flip, The Dark World Hard Trance mix really emphasises the heavy bassline, raw kicks and inspiring leads.  This is one EP not to miss out on as Tamerax takes over with a Dark World!

SD154 – Beyond The Sky – M-Project & Daniel Seven

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Kicking off 2019 with this rave anthem, M-PROJECT & DANIEL SEVEN come together for this exciting, bright, bouncy hardcore release.  BEYOND THE SKY is jam packed with energy, its intense stamina takes you on a musical journey which will have everyone stomping hard across the dance floor!

SDA007 – Scarred Digital: The Best Of 2018

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[email protected], Scooby and the Scarred Digital family would love to thank everyone who has supported our releases, bookings and artists throughout 2018.

We sailed through 2018 with numerous number 1 anthems, many tours and bookings across the globe, Scarred Digital events, various new signings and the successful Scarred By Sound Album.

With a growing international family and friends, the ‘Best Of 2018’ showcases the top 10 best sellers of the year from Dan Edge, Mike Reverie, M-Project, [email protected], Eufeion, Dean-P, Ganah, Tamerax, Ben Manic, Ceci, ViolonC, Lindsay Marie, Code-E, Infexious and more!

We launch into 2019 with fresh ideas and projects currently in the pipeline, We wish you all a safe and happy New Year

SD153 – To The Edge – Rottweilerz & Zoe Vanwest

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Hailing from sunny Florida ROTTWEILERZ and the talented ZOE VANWEST, take you ‘TO THE EDGE’ right under the Miami lights with his fresh, hot, sizzling release. Leaning to the harder side of Happy Hardcore, expect funky samples, a touch of Dub and a quirky vocal. Definitely one release for the collection.

SD150 – Lost In The Moment – [email protected] & Rob IYF

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[email protected] and Rob IYF collaborate again for a massive hardcore anthem. This track will take you on a journey through rave. Epic summer festival main room style drop, heavy psycore and a touch of reverse bass, all accompanied by the beautiful euphoric vocal breakdowns. You name its, it’s in there including ducks, pigs and elephants (can you hear it?)
This piece will totally get you ‘LOST IN THE MOMENT’

SD149 – Stay Right There – Dan Edge & Hatta

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Scarred Digital artist DAN EDGE teams up with HATTA for a pumping, fresh and electrifying release. ‘STAY RIGHT THERE’ uses a very catchy vocal loop with heavy bass lines and funky riffs combined with a phat, chunky kick which will destroy the dancefloor!

SD148 – Transform – DJ Neon ft Lindsey Marie

OUT NOWFanlinkBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Haling from Finland, producer DJ Neon and British singer Lindsey Marie, take you on a journey into sound. TransFORM is a musical movement. Full of energy, progressive riffs, acid lines, pianos, an euphoric breakdown with a splash of Hard Trance to this Freeform track. A must have for all harder styles music lovers out there Check out for an extensive range of releases, merchandise and the recent Scarred By Sound album

SD147 – Wonderland – Mansy & Lara B

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Scarred Digital are proud to showcase a fresh new track from resident artist MANSY, alongside a new talented Singer – LARA B!! This jam packed, energetic, vibrant Happy Hardcore release, WONDERLAND, is all catchy riffs, pianos and stomping beats, complimented by Laras captivating vocals! This cheeky, lively release just fills your heart with love and euphoria, which is what raving is all about!!

SD146 – Do A Barrel Roll – ViolonC

OUT NOW: FanlinkBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

German Scarred Digital producer, ViolonC, returns with this mind blowing EP, exposing the elements of the underground scene. ‘DO A BARREL ROLL’ is a track complete with busy riffs, soaring leads, twisted, fierce baselines along with a touch of surprise psycore. On the Flip ‘THIS MOMENT’ will stimulate your aural senses and lead them to a whole new level. Kicking off with emotional, epic chords, innovative melodies and a powerful bassline. This EP is not one for the faint hearted music lover!!

SD145 – Summer Love EP – Dean-P & Infexious

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Scarred Digital producers DEAN-P and INFEXIOUS hit us with this mammoth EP of ‘Summer Love’. An uplifting, upbeat, bright UK Hardcore vocal release.

There are then not 1 but 2 remixes! ANDY WILSON’S mix brings intense main room leads and an upfront flava. Toping off the EP is the BLACK & BLUE mix, which is all about the ravey pianos and old skool breakbeats which take you back to the outdoor party vibes!

SD144 – Feels Real Good – Eufeion

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Eufeion returns to Scarred Digital with this exciting, fresh and melodic UK Hardcore release. This energetic track is packed with intense stamina from start to finish.

SD143 – Run To You – [email protected] & Zoe VanWest

OUT NOW: Bandcamp, BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Happy Hardcore ladies [email protected] and Zoe VanWest unite for this uplifting, fun filled vocal slammin’ release.

Featuring [email protected]’s massive dance riffs, bouncy kick drums (with a splash of pianos), flute and a funky snare drum loop, it all compliments Zoe VansWests original words and unique vocals perfectly.

This is one track that has made waves across internationals waters having been performed live at MetroCon in Florida.

SD142 – Don’t Be Afraid – Dan Edge & Ben Manic

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Scarred Digital producers Dan Edge and Ben Manic team up for this mammoth release.

Main Room vocals, dance floor filling beats and hands in the air melodies. ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ has been gathering international interest in the rave scene – definitely one for the collection!!

SD141 – By My Side (Mansy & Sw!tch Remix) – Andy Wilson

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Scarred Digital family release!

MANSY and SW!TCH rework ANDY WILSON’s chart topping vocal anthem with this mammoth, upfront Happy hardcore remix. Keeping the fun party elements of the original release and giving them a new lease of life with modern 2018 riffs, sounds and tight production.

SD140 – Be My Hero (Double Dragon) – Tamerex ft Lovely Chan

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Massive DOUBLE DRAGON EP from two freshly signed Scarred Digital artists – Canada’s own TAMERAX and American vocalist LOVELY CHAN. The Double Dragon EP showcases how talented, unique and experimental Tamerax really is; Moulding Gaming, Anime, Happy Hardcore, Freeform and a touch of Trance all into one ball, the result is this stomper of a release.

On the A side ‘Be My Hero’, LOVELY CHAN compliments the 1st breakdown with her spiritual dreamy vocal. On the Flip AA side ‘Double Dragon’ is the original, non vocal dub which lets the musical journey speak for itself!

SD139 – Come Let Go – Ganah & Swifty

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Ganah and Swifty deliver a hardcore monster!  ‘Come Let It Go’ is a 100% stomptastic featuring ravey melodies with a fierce, powerful sample.

SD138 – Breathing (Mizz T & Hitman Remix) – [email protected] & Jozzi ft Justine

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Mizz T and Hitman collab to add their magic touch to ‘ Breathing’ by the ladies of the core: [email protected], Jozzi and Justine.

Fresh synth work, vocal effects, a stomping bassline, new riffs and a quirky breakdown, which even throws in a touch of breakbeat. A must have for the UK Hardcore lover!

SD137 – Part Of Yourself

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It Down,  Spotify

Mike Reverie, Code-E and Studioslave unite for this unique and contrasting 2 track EP ‘Part Of Yourself’.

First up, Mike Reverie & Code-E have an upfront, energetic vibe with electric guitars, modern chords and vocal effects all combining to perfection! This is one not to miss, which contrasts brilliantly with the flip side!

On the flip, British producer Studioslave has a very melodic UK hardcore track – the breakdown stands out with a warm, acoustic guitar riff with soft pads building up into a very catchy sing-along ravey drop.

SD136 – Holy Moly – Rottweilerz

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle, Track It Down,  Spotify

Hailing from sunny Miami, DJ Rottwilerz bursts onto the scene with his debut release.

‘Holy Moly’ is a creative, uplifting happy hardcore track, buzzing with cheerful pianos, modern spirited chords and bouncy beats. The two upbeat breakdowns really stand out, both build up and explode into two varying drops which will have ravers going bananas on the dance floor.

Scarred Digital are excited to make light of this new producer!

SD135 – Renegade/Future Boy – NeoNoise

OUT NOW:,  Spotify

Aussie producer NeoNoise showcases his unique sound with this dancefloor breaking EP!

Up first is ‘FUTURE BOY’. A very melodic, happy chordal number which features NeoNoise’s famous thumping kicks and electronic metallic sounds. Then, on the flip, he’s back once again for the ‘RENEGADE’ master! A very contrasting, but complimentary, second track to the EP with fierce stomping production, a chunky bassline and crazy nu-rave sounds. The breakdown remains energetic and to the point before dropping a high energy ‘power to the people’ vibe.

SD134 – Narcotic – M-Project & [email protected]

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle,  Spotify

M-Project and [email protected] are back with an audacious and creative track.

Kicking off with heavy beats, acid lines and chordal stabs before dropping into an atmospheric breakdown containing a naughty reference sample, a cheeky playful riff and an epic freeform influenced build up. Watch out for the heavy UK hardcore drop with layers of chords, riffs, synths and strings which keeps the flow interesting and fits perfectly into all styles of hardcore and freeform sets!

Supported by many artists, Narcotic was also featured on the Future State Hardcore volume 3 album.

SD133 – Andy Wilson – My Heart EP

OUT NOW: BeatportJuno, AmazoniTunes, Google Play,,  Spotify

The Scarred Digital family have worked together on this epic EP of Andy Wilson’s – My Heart.

The original features an extremely catchy female vocal, big room synths and party core beats with a proper happy hardcore vibe. This is complimented by the two contrasting #sdfamily remixes! Staring with Dean P, a recent UK signing to the label -his remix explodes with a fresh burst of energy, his breakdowns feature epic old skool piano riffs with rolling breakbeats. The second remix is from Australian hardcore producer Catzeyez who adds a whole new meaning to gabba! Huge kick drums, new riffs and changing chordal work – this remix breaks down into a beautiful, melodic, atmospheric, hands-in-the-air moment before building up in to two of the hardest drops seen yet on Scarred Digital!!

SD132 – Play With Fire (Jay Sw!tch & Mansy Remix) – Chris Fear & Lisa Abbott

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Jay Sw!tch and Mansy bring a new 2018 twist to Scarred Digital’s 2014 anthem ‘Play With Fire’ by Chris Fear and Lisa Abbott. Fresh new percussion, bright new sounds, a modern riff and tight percussion all add up to a total new make over. One for the collection and a taste of whats to come from this sparkling new duo.

SD131 – My World – Dys7 feat Inseperable

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

American producer Dys7 and Inseparable bring in a breath of fresh air with ‘My World’. A bright, energetic, spirited happy hardcore vocal track with uplifting spirited riffs, dynamic chords all complimented with a catchy vocal from Inseparable. Dys7 has had tracks featured on Hardcore Underground, Future State and Venom Drive – it’s exciting to have this rising artist on Scarred Digital.

SD130 – Black Hole – Daniel Seven

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Daniel Seven takes on a darker edge with this release. Heavily freeform influenced with running bass lines, moving acid lines, euphoric chords and abundant breakbeats. ‘Black Hole’ will take you to a whole new level, whist exposing a hidden side to this talented Italian producer.

SD129 – Sky Dive – [email protected] & Ceci

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

The ladies of the Core – [email protected] and Ceci collaborate together for this uplifting UK Hardcore release.  Spirited, Energetic riffs, tight percussion and melodic breakdowns complimented by Ceci’s beautiful, harmonious voice.

SD128 – Swing Core – IYF & Nobody

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

One of the most anticipated releases on Scarred Digital – IYF & Nobody’s – Swing Core. This is exactly what you get when you clash the 1920’s with 2017… A massive bouncy vocal uplifting UK hardcore track, which will have dancefloor doing dips, lifts, aerials, flips and some boogie woogie footwork!

Definitely a must have track for the collection from these two epic producers.

SD127 – Numb’n’Dub & Savage States EP – Numb’n’dub X Savage States

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

A huge 3 track EP straight from Japan’s very own Numb’n’dub & Savage States!

All 3 tracks compliment each other in a very contrasting way. ‘Ragga X-Factor’ is a real ‘in your face’ UK Hardcore track with a fun lyric and heavy bouncy drop. ‘$wag $wag’ unites UK Hardcore with a dark Hip Hop section whilst ‘Massive Impact’ is definately not for the faint hearted! It’s especially for those who love the tek style at 190bpm… yeah that’s the shiz!

SD126 – High Skool – Transcend & Cyrax

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

An experimental track from these two freeform legends mashing up a wide variety of classic hardcore flashbacks to take you on a journey back into rave!

An inspirational twist of hoovers, running baselines, iconic samples, classic piano progression, a touch of amen breaks, anastasia stabs and a pretty funky riff running throughout. HIGH SKOOL has it all and will time travel you back to your favourite era!

SD125 – Make The Walls Shake – Rob IYF, [email protected] & MC Riddle

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

‘Let the bassline move you’ as IYF, [email protected] and Riddle bring you a bright, uplifting, melodic & joyful release. Beware as it drops into a contrasting, dirty DnB breakdown before bringing back the energetic catchy riff making you want to run around the dance floor cutting shapes!

Complimented by MC Riddle on the lyrics this is one track to play extremely loud and ‘Make The Walls Shake’

SD124 – Core Island – NeoNoise

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Exploding out of Australia, we have our newest Scarred Digital signing NeoNoise who makes a stand with this bouncy, entertaining UK Hardcore masterpiece!

When asking NeoNoise what his personal thought were about ‘Core Island’ his response was “A disgustingly happy track with thoughts of a tropical summer paradise, unicorns farting rainbows and a little robot getting up to no good”

SD123 – No Angels – MoreMental MC & Tone-E

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Bringing the feel good melodic MC vocals back into hardcore, MoreMental MC and Tone E are all about the uplifting happy riff with a touch of breakbeak and a very catchy vocal.

A personal favourite of [email protected]’s being played across the USA, UK, Japan and Australia, No Angels will leave you reminiscing over old rave feelings.

Scarred Digital are excited to showcase these two fresh London artists with their unique sounds!

SD122 – Space Cadet – DJ Wyld

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Wyld returns to Scarred Digital with an exciting, fresh & dark UK Hardcore belter! Catchy, haunted riffs with tight & tough percussion all complimented with a mysterious sample! A perfect track to take the dance floor to a whole new level.

With massive reactions from dance floors across the globe this is definitely a track for the more expressive DJ!

SD121 – Lemon Juice – WulFX

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Winner of the Scarred Digital and Future State Music production competition – we are proud to present a ground breaking fresh producer: WulFX from Austria.

Lemon Juice is a cheeky, entertaining, light hearted track with catchy animative riffs throughout the track. Strongly supported by M-Project, [email protected] and Future Shock this track was chosen as the winner for originality, production values, structure and energy.

SD120 – Lost In Love – IYF, [email protected], Reflux & Hitman Ft Blue Eyes

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Get ready for a massive collaboration between Scarred Digital and Justice Hardcore as the crew create an uplifting, euphoric UKHC track!  The two labels strongest elements come out in this release: Big catchy riffs, melodic breakdowns and immense synth work complemented with the hypnotic vocal from Blue Eyes.

SD119 – Swank – Nizami Plus & Lux

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Australia’s hottest duo Nizami Plus and Lux totally ‘Swank’ out the scene with their debut UK Hardcore release. Dirty basslines, energetic riffs and gaming elements with a touch class – this is one not to miss!

SD118 – Memories – Dan Edge

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Dan Edge returns to Scarred Digital with a euphoric UK Hardcore release. The enchanting vocal will captivate your mind with its trance style breakdown, whilst dropping into an inspiring main riff with tight percussion leaving you with a sense of love, empowerment and the need to keep on dancing!

SD117 – Disrespectable – Studioslave & Callum Higby ft David Bridson

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Massive uplifting UK Hardcore track from Studioslave and Callum Higby with an extremely catchy vocal from Bridson. This release is totally ‘Disrepectable’ with animated riffs and bright lively synths complimented with a memorable, alluring vocal.

SD116 – Hybrid – M-Project, [email protected] & MC Vibrance

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

M-Project, [email protected] and MC Vibrance smash out a heavy UK Hardcore release. Showcasing the best elements from these three artists with so many rave genres rolled into one – Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Freeform, Breakbeat and Old Skool all combined with a dark lyric from MC Vibrance, like you have never heard her before. Featuring quick riffs, acid lines and a stomping bass line with a middle section taking you back to the 90s! Watch out for ‘Hybrid’.

SD115 – Ready For War – IYF & Havoc Ft MC Riddle

OUT NOWBeatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

IYF and MC Riddle join forces with Scarred Digital’s DJ Havoc for a dark, but melodic, UK hardcore track.  This choon tears the dance floor apart with an energetic syth, phat kicks and a heavy bass line alongside the eery voice of MC riddle setting the mood to ‘Get Ready For War’

SD114 – Arrakis – Violonc

RELEASED: 18/07/2017

German producer Violonc, winner of the recent Scarred Digital DJ competition, debuts with ‘Arrakis’.  An Eastern Mediterranean inspiration driven UK Hardcore track with stomping bass line and fast synths, complimented by a mysterious spine chilling vocal.

SD113 – Freestyle – Dean P

RELEASED: 04/07/2017

Dean P joins the Scarred Digital family with his debut release ‘FREESTYLE’.  A solid track which bridges multi-rave-genres through UK Hardcore, Freeform, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat and Uplifting Trance.  Sending goosebumps through your body with emotional riffs, sympathetic chords, and dynamic percussion.

SD112 – Lift Me – S.I.D.R & Skytens

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Watch out the Russians are coming! S.I.D.R and Skytens smash out a vibrant, intoxicating release with funky trumpets, energetic synth work and dynamic percussion.  ‘Lift Me’ has had huge dance floor responses across the globe from Japan, Australia, America, the UK and Russia!

SD111 – Breathing – [email protected] & Jozzi Ft Justine

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

These ladies have been turning heads and igniting the dancefloor with this vocal UK Hardcore stomper!  Aussie girls [email protected] and Jozzi, alongside the talented American vocalist Justine, have created this massive tune with stomping bass, catchy riff, spine chilling vocals and a hands in the air breakdown!  #girlpower

SD110 – Searching For The Stomp – Havoc & M-Project

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Japans’ number 1, M-PROJECT, and Scarred Digital’s newest Australian member, HAVOC, hit the scene hard with a much anticipated collaboration. ‘Searching For The Stomp’ has been tearing up the dance floors already across Australia, Japan, USA and around the globe.  A solid Powerstomp release with a stomping bass line,  uplifting pianos  and some cheeky break beats in the breakdown.

SD109 – Suicide Squad – Machina

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Finnish Hardcore producer MACHINA returns with another gabber release. ‘Suicide Squad’ is a mixture of raw & abrasive sounds with hard, tough percussion and a thrill seeking bassline!  After his successful industrial release ‘Reject Humanity’, Machina is putting Finland on the hardcore map!

SD108 – Turn Up The Bass – Muzik Servant & M-Project

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

M-Project and Muzik Servant are back with another Scarred Digital slammer straight out of Japan.  Turn Up The Bass is all about the oldskool ravey pianos with a upfront rave flava  – catchy riffs and phat lead synths, solid bouncy percussion, epic strings with flickers of fun party samples throughout.

SD107 – Voodoo Magic – Lady Dubbz & DJ Wyld

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Lady Dubbz and DJ Wyld bring forth a twisted hardcore track with a supremacy of hardstyle elements through out.  A release for the experienced music critic!

SD106 – Hardcore Power (SD Mix) – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

The world known track ‘Hardcore Power’ has been given new lease of life with this Scarred Digital remix.  Blending old skool elements with a new skool twist, [email protected]’s remix has delivered something unique that will have you grooving!

SD105 – No Better – Reflux, Infexious & Ben Manic

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Scarred Digital boys unite for this UK Hardcore vocal stomper!  ‘NO BETTER’ features an uplifting stabby main riff, hypnotising vocals and an infectious rave vibe

SD104 – Muzik For Da People – Muzik Servant & M-Project

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

A 100% pure stomping hardcore track from M-Project and Muzik Servant.  The track has everything from old skool pianos and horns through catchy hooks with a modern, upfront twist to a catchy, bouncy riff.  This track is certainly bringing ‘Muzik For Da People!’

SD103 – Everybody In The House – Relect

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Straight out of Japan, Relect makes his debut release on Scarred Digital with ‘Everybody In The House’.  Catchy riff, tough punchy beats giving an all over hardcore dance floor party feeling.

SD102 – Rave Colours – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99)

Aussie DJ [email protected] brings forth ‘Rave Colours’.  A dominant track in her sets across the globe which has the dance floor singing every time.  Rave Colours takes you on a journey through Euphoric Breakdown up to a stomping punchy bass line, whilst exploring a variety of synths and sounds.

SD101 – Missing You – Andy Wilson

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), (£1.00)

Scarred Digital’s own Andy Wilson is back with another vocal anthem dance floor slammer! ‘Missing You’ showcases exactly what this producer is all about – big vocals, powerful riffs and an all over happy hardcore rave feeling!

SD100 – The Other Side EP – Joey Riot & Reflux

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), (£1.00)

Reaching the milestone of Scarred Digitals’ 100th release we are proud to present the highly anticipated THE OTHER SIDE EP. This mammoth EP has grabbed a lot of attention on the rave scene around the world! The original raw Hardstyle mix has been used to create two contrasting hardcore remixes from Macks Wolf and Ganah – this EP has something for everyone! Amazing feedback from around the globe has been flooding in including from Defqon 1, HTID In The Magaluf Sun, Ravers Reunited, Westfest and more. The track has had strong support from Gammer, Klubfiller, M-Project, Hixxy, Fracus, Stu Woods, [email protected] and more. The Macks Wolf remix will be featured on Hardcore Heaven album out in December.

SD099 – No Fear – Srav3R

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), (£1.00)

Japan’s Happy hardcore producer Srav3r joining the international Scarred Digital crew with ‘No Fear’.  Catchy rave riff, uplifting vocals and an all over feel good, happy vibe.

SD098 – Something Different – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), (£1.00)

Lady [email protected] is back with ‘Something Different’.  A funky, electro influenced Hardcore track with heavy drops and a ripping basline 😉  A lot of fun to mix so get your ‘funk’ on!

SD097 – Reject Humanity – Machina

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Trackitdown (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), (£1.00)

Representing the Finnish Hardcore crew we welcome Machina from Finland onto Scarred Digital! This is an industrial, underground, beast of a track for those who love something darker or, as Machina would describe his personal sound, ‘Euphoric but ugly’ 😉 Played on dance floors in Finland, Australia and Russia, ‘Reject Humanity’ is not for the faint hearted raver.

SD096 – It’s Over Now – Joey Riot & Reflux

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

A main room Powerstomp collab from the legend is Joey Riot and Instigate – this is ‘It’s Over Now’

SD094 – Don’t Walk Away – Mizz T & Hitman

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

*Massive vocal Powerstomp slammer* Hitman and Scarred Digital’s newest signing, Mizz T, join forces for this huge release with catchy vocal, epic riff and stomping bass.

SD093 – 90’s Baby – Weasel

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

For those who know ! Scottish producer DJ Weasel captures the 90’s party vibe in his début Scarred Digital release. Ravey pianos, Big bouncy kicks, breakbeats and an all over uplifting happy hardcore feel.

SD092 – Let It Take Control (Haze Remix) – [email protected] & Cat Knight

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Haze has completely revolutionized a [email protected] classic and revamped it in to a modern UK hardcore chart topper.  This remix captures the beauty of Cat Knight’s strong vocals and the original oldskool piano riff.  Haze’s upfront Aussie hardcore influence has created a strong release with new sounds, samples and a punchy bassline whist retaining the essence of the original.  Since it’s first release in 2010 this has been a real personal favourite of [email protected]’s!

SD091 – Feelings For You – Technical Difficulties

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Technical Difficulties are back on Scarred Digital pushing all musical boundaries once again, this time combining their unique hard sounds and catchy riffs with a touch of funky house. Warning! ‘Feelings For You’ is very contagious and will have everyone dancing to the beat!

SD090 – Under The Sun – Instigate & Joey Riot Ft Dionne

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Following Scarred Digital’s recent number 1 chart topper Powerstorm, Instigate is back with his next release. Joining forces with multi-award winner Joey Riot and the gorgeous vocalist Dionne, ‘Under The Sun’ is a stomping UK Hardcore release with a catchy riff and bouncy beats complimented by Dionnes’ unique and hypnotizing voice. 100% Original creativity from this trio!

SD089 – Ravers Delight – M-Project ft Yuki (Future Shock Remix)

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Japans’ number 1 happy hardcore duo M-Project & Yuki’s ‘Ravers Delight’ has had an exciting, new UK Hardcore makeover from team Future Shock resulting in an all round vibrant, uplifting feel good release.

SD088 – Everything – [email protected] & Nick 235

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Ever wondered what Happy Hardcore and Freeform might sound like together?  [email protected] & Nick 235 have created ‘Everything’ to combine what they love about the rave scene!  This release takes you on a journey of uplifting bouncy catchy riffs through to underground acid lines, amen breaks and running basslines.  United by the love of music, this track has it all.

SD086 – Wolf Pack – Reflux & Clowny ft Vibrance

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Clowny, Reflux & MC Vibrance are back smashing out this full on dark, twisted, power stomp release.  Not for the light hearted raver!

SD087 – Powerstorm – Instigate

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown (From £1.49)

Scarred Digital’s latest artist signing ‘Instigate’ kicks off his many releases with this massive stormer!  Enough said!  This is huge and is going off massively around the globe – UK, Australia, Russia, Japan, America, Canada, Europe…. international hardcore crew unite!

SD085 – Give Me Forever – Andy Wilson

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown

Andy Wilson doing what he does best!  A happy, uplifting catchy vocal slammer from the winning producer of the Future State & Scarred Digital producer competition.  It is a pleasure to support Andy Wilson once again with his latest release ‘ Give Me Forever’

SD084 – Feel Good – [email protected] & Technical Difficulties

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50)

[email protected] and Technical Difficulties are back fusing ideas resulting in this solid ‘FEEL GOOD’  hardcore track!  Lots of acid, old skool stabs, crazy samples, tough beats and a little tease of break beat.  Played on dance floors across the globe including HTID, Uproar and Hardcore Heaven this is one not to miss out on!

SD083 – Can’t Get Over You (Jay Sw!tch & Lady Dubbz Remix) – Alex Prospect

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown

Lady Dubbz and Jay Sw!tch smash out an uplifting, bouncy vocal remix of Alex Prospect’s ‘Can’t Get Over You’.  This is a huge track from the crew!

SD082 – Escape The Bassline – M-Project Ft MC Steal

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99), Trackitdown

M-Project & Mc Steal are back with ‘Escape The Bassline’.  A dark twisted release with lots of samples, pianos, synth work and an evil bassline working in with MC Steal on the vox.

SD081 – Get Crazy – Reflux & Infexious

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

Get Crazy with this fun, bouncy and energetic party release from Reflux & Infexious.

SD080 – One Night In Belgium – [email protected]

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

[email protected] hits it hard with this gabba release ‘ONE NIGHT IN BELGIUM’ experimenting with Dutch hardcore, her classical piano background and love for hardcore.  This track explores a variety of samples, sounds and ideas and the result is one killer evil monster release but we’ll ”shut the fk up and play that fkn track!”.  Dedicated to the Belgium scene for some crazy one nighters 😉

SD079 – Flying (Wings Of Love) (Eufeion 2015 Remix)

OUT (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

Eufeion returns to Scarred Digital with a fresh 2015 update of Flying (Wings of Love). A massive slammer in 2012, which was performed live on various stages all over the UK including at Hardcore Heaven, HTID and Dreamscape. If you love your vocal anthems, hands in the airs riffs and big stomping beats then this is a must have release!

SD078 – Feel The Rush (Bustin & Skampy Remix)

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

We welcome London Lucky Breaks legends Bustin and Skampy to the Scarred Digital crew! This remix of FEEL THE RUSH is all underground with a serious baseline, tight breakbeats, epic massive trance leads and a spine-chilling vocal sang straight from the heart by Justine. Guaranteed to have the ravers grooving and cuttin shapes on the dance floor!!

SD077 – By My Side – Andy Wilson

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

Andy Wilson returns after his number 1 hit with ‘BY MY SIDE’. Killer vocals, main room riff, strong leads, pianos and pure 100% rave vibes pave the way for another anthem from this rising star.

SD076 – You Don’t Know – S.I.D.R, Spolor & Sunforce

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

Uniting Hardcore from around the globe the Russian crew are back with a massive vocal slammer with ‘You Don’t Know’. Driving filthy beats, dirty bass lines, funky riffs, a touch of amens during the breakdown and a splash of hoovers -this track is a must for the listener and essential for the DJ.

SD075 – Booming Track – [email protected]

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] is back with a ‘Booming Track’ taking you on a rave journey!  An energetic, uplifting bouncy hardcore release with a lot of fun samples including a didgeridoo!  There’s also plenty of funky synth work which changes throughout the  four distinctive sections including a groovy mid section of drum and bass.  It’s all about the  ”Rhythm and Drums and a Booming Track”

SD074 – Crazy MF – M-Project Ft MC Steal

OUT NOW: (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

M-Project and MC Steal are back with another quality dancefloor slammer. Showcasing M-Projects’ high quality powerstomp production, big stabby riffs and epic breakdown alongside MC Steals’ catchy lyrics. Crazy MF will push the rave vibe to the limits on the dancefloor.

SD073 – Little Bird – Joey Riot Vs Ziyad & IT-Mam

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

A highly energetic, fun, vocal slammer from Joey Riot, Ziyad and IT-Man.  Destined to get the ravers singing and bouncing around hard to this ‘Little Bird’

SD072 – End Of The Day – Reflux & Vibrance ft Gemma MacLeod

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

The hottest duo on the UK Hardcore scene for 2015 is Reflux & MC Vibrance who unite for their début collaboration with vocalist Gemma Macleod. An uplifting, melodic, main room hardcore release which is stamped with 100% originality. Featured on the Future State Music album and gracing dance floors across the UK through to Japan and Australia this is one beautifully written vocal release that’s strongly supported by UFO, S3rl, M-Project and [email protected]

SD071 – Trek – Humid

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

‘Trek’ takes you on a musical rave journey of filthy acid lines, epic trancy chords and pianos – all 100% fresh & original. One of the top 5 up & comer producer tracks from the Future State Music Album competition, we are proud to introduce you to a fresh new name to the scene ‘DJ Humid’.

SD070 – Last Forever ([email protected] & Klubfiller Remix) – Klubfiller Ft Stu Hughes

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

Celebrating our massive 70th release, Scarred Digital are proud to present a 2015 update of the massive anthem ‘Last Forever’!! [email protected] and Klubfiller have worked their magic on this vocal slammer and the result is a track that you need in your collection!

SD069 – It’s Like That – Deverstate, Inspiration & Doug Horizon

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

”coz we are ravers and that’s the way it is!”  MC Deverstate, Inspiration and Doug Horizon coming at you with ‘ITS LIKE THAT’.   In the top 5 winning tracks from the  Future State Music Album & Scarred Digital producer competition album, this release is HUGE with catchy lyrics that sum up the ravers way of life!

SD068 – Back To You – Andy Wilson Ft Carole Cassidy

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Winner of the Future State Music & Scarred Digital production competition, BACK TO YOU is 100% hardcore with hands in the air main room vibes, hot vocals and an all rave party feel from start to finish. Andy Wilson has outdone himself on this release which has been featured on the Future State Music Album, mixed by [email protected] and Reflux, with strong support from artists around the globe. This is one track to have in your CD wallet!!

SD067 – Hardest Bass Around – M-Project Feat. MC Steal

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

M-Project and MC Steal are back on it with the ‘HARDEST BASS AROUND’. This one will take the dance floor onto a new level with exactly what the title says!!! A dark, twisted, powerstomp track with some of the toughest raving lyrics around from MC Steal – a great follow up release after their recent happy ‘Million Miles’ release.

SD066 – Play Girl – UniqueForm & S.I.D.R

RELEASED: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Get your ‘PLUR’ on with our Russian Hardcore comrades UniqForm & S.I.D.R – Future State Music Album competition top 5 producer winners! PLAY GIRL is full of happy raving vibes but its all about the cheeky flirty vocal, Catchy riff and bouncy beats with this little number! 

SD065 – All I Know – Deverstate & Inspiration Vs Mob

RELEASED: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Scarred Digital’s newest signings ‘MC Deverstate’ and ‘DJ Inspiration’ hit off their series of releases with Anuva Levels ‘DJ Mob’.  Massive main room vibes, stomping beats with Devastates crowd pleasing vocals.  Featuring on the Future State Album, ‘All I Know’ will have you MCing along before you even realise!

SD064 – Million Miles – M-Project Feat. MC Steal

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Japanese Producer M-Project and MOTNS’s very own MC Steal bring their sounds to Scarred Digital.  Expect nothing but bouncey, uplifting, happy vibes and a hands in the air breakdown!  Uniting hardcore from around the globe, this is ‘Million Miles’.

SD063 – Hold Back – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] takes you on a hardcore musical journey!  Known for her love of pianos and ravey vibes, expect nothing less!  HOLD BACK is full of – pianos, bouncy percussion, massive strings, uplifting chords and a touch of amens.

SD062 – Get Ready – [email protected] & Technical Difficulties

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] and Technical Difficulties bring together their musical elements so GET READY for a massive release! Heavy beats, Pianos, Huge synth, Funky sounds and an all over ravey, fun track to not only mix but also to rave to. Welcome to the first of the dance floor slammers from lady [email protected] and the Technical Difficulties boys.

SD061 – It’s Time – Reflux ft Leah

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Reflux back with another slammer. Hard hitting bass, tight percussion, catchy riffs,  big synth work and exploding electro samples all blended perfectly with Leah’s unique and beautiful voice. An Essential track from the Scarred Digital studio!

SD060 – Feel The Rush – [email protected] & Justine

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected]’s personal favourite with american singer Justine. Epic trance leads, a spine chilling strong vocal and a huge breakdown with a touch of funky amen breaks. This release brings a modern hardcore touch to one of the 90s favorite anthems whilst keeping the feel good, summer vibes so ravers on the dancefloor will ‘FEEL THE RUSH’. One of our most requested releases we are excited to release this beast!

SD059 – Flextricity – E-Voski (Jakka B Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

After his chart breaking hit ‘Get Down’, Jakka B returns to Scarred Digital to do his filthy hardcore take over on recent DNB release ‘Flextricity’. Electro bassline, massive catchy riff, touch percussion with alot of technical synth samples through out. This one has the speakers pumping hard on the dancefloor

SD058 – Final Act – Triquatra

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Freeforms’ most talked about and ground-breaking producer ‘Triquatra’ joins the Scared Digital clan. 100% originality on this release which features catchy vocals, brutal acid lines, searing leads, major synth work and an overall hi-energised vibe. Triquatra is one artist to keep an eye on the future as he pushes all music boundaries to new levels!

SD057 – Raver – [email protected] & Justine

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

HUGE VOCAL ANTHEM ALERT!!!! [email protected], Chris Fear and the gorgeous Justine collabate for this mega happy hands in the air cover to take you back to the epic vibes of the 90s. This one is purely for the ravers and one of the most requested releases to date. 100% haplessness guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone on the dance floor. Massive vocal, big riff, bouncy beats and major string work throughout.

SD056 – Foundations – Eufeion & Deanne

RELEASED: 25/06/2014

A quality hardcore release from Eufeion and Denile.  Big Riffs, lush pads and big strings with a touch of freeform taking you on a musical journey through twists and turns.

SD055 – Hard Bliss – Reflux & Clowny ft Deanne

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

There is only word to describe this release ‘EPIC!’ Reflux and Clowny unite with Deanne for this massive anthem – a huge Powerstomp cover of the 90s dance classic ‘Bellissima’. Hard bouncy beats, a euphoric breakdown and a sexy female vocal – what else do you need in hardcore? ‘Hard Bliss’ has already ripped the global dance floor to pieces and is being released in time for HTID in the Sun in Spain!

SD054 – [email protected] – Rainbow Killer

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] returns with an absolute slammer in ‘RAINBOW KILLER’!! This track has everything you need in hardcore – uplifting synths, stomping beats, a splash of electro, pianos and lots of funky squelchy sounds to get your rave on!!

SD053 – Eufeion & Konekshon EP

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The boys are comin’ at ya with ‘Sweet Sensation’ lots of popular vocal rave hooks, hard basslines with a touch of upfront hardcore, freeform, breakbeat and oldskool all in one release it’s ‘such a good vibration’ 😉 On The Flip – This is ‘ Your Sound’: Taking you through a musical rave journey with a stabby riff, punchy bassline with a hint of breakbeat, piano and a overall a uplifting hardcore feeling!

SD052 – [email protected] & Klubfiller ft Taya – Don’t Say Goodbye (Chris Fear Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Chris Fear puts his stamp on [email protected], Klubfiller and Taya’s vocal anthem ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’.  With a massive catchy riff, uplifting vibes and a vocal that has the crowd singing along every time this remix is guaranteed to be heard on dancefloors worldwide!

SD051 – Reflux & Defective – Tidal Wave (Alex Prospect Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Award winning Alex Prospect does his magic on Scarred Digital’s ‘Tidal Wave’ by Reflux & Defective. With an ever catchy, popular vocal, extreme bass drops, epic synth work and a subtle guitar, this is the 2014 Summer time Hardcore Rave smash hit!!  

SD050 – Kingsize & Eternity – A Touch Of Magic ([email protected] & MC Energy Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Celebrating our 50th release and our biggest release to date! A Touch Of Magic is one of the dance scenes biggest anthems to date. Scarred Digital are excited to unleash this beast of a remix from hardcore performing duo [email protected] and MC Energy. Absolute huge uplifting vocals, pianos, big strings and happy hardcore bouncy vibes with a modern UK hardcore touch. This remix has had strong feedback from dance floors across the globe including UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Russia and throughout Europe! If you love your big anthems then don’t miss out on this!

SD049 – E-Voski EP

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Début release from a ground breaking new producer! We welcome E-Voski to the Scarred Digital crew with an EP show casing why this will be a name we will hear more of on the rave scene. ‘THE FUTURE’ a bright track focusing on lots of hardcore elements – pianos, massive synth work and running basslines – this track has it all! ‘FLEXTRICITY’ brings a DNB release to Scarred Digital. Tight percussion, underground dark vibes and catchy chords with a twist of happyness which will have you swaying to the beat with a smile on your face! Start your E-Voski collection now!

SD048 – Patch, Eufeion & Deanne – After The Rain

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Patch and Eufeion return with this original stomping hardcore release with the beautiful Deanne. Uplifting happy vibes, catchy strong vocals, and an 100% original fresh release! 

SD047 – [email protected], Wizbit & Ponder – Fall From Grace

OUT NOW: CLSM Web Store (£1.60), Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV) Three of Londons’ biggest artists unite for this huge release!  Tight percussion, heavy basslines, pianos, a sexy female vocal and massive breakdowns.  Each artist brings their unique vibe – from the oldskool to the nu skool rave this is one release that has had solid support from various artists and also featured on the recent HU2013 album

SD046 – Jakka B & Ricky D – Get Down EP

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV) *VOCAL ANTHEM ALERT* Breakthrough artists Jakka B and Ricky D push through all hardcore limits on this massive EP. Huge catchy vocal, stabby leads and a funky bassline. Chris Fear works his magic on a epic massive remix featured on the HU2013 album. Heard at events including HTID, Dreamscape and Hardcore Heaven through to the smaller dance floors across the scene this is one vocal release not to miss out on!

SD045 – [email protected] – Gates Of Hell

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV) Lady [email protected] returns with this huge release!  Massive synth work, tight percussion, triplet riffs and a touch of piano.  One of her favourite tracks to play, this has been dropped on dance floors globally and also featured on the album HU2013. Gates of Hell is not for the faint hearted!

SD044 – Joey Riot & Reflux – ADHD

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV) Power Bounce time!  Award winning Joey Riot joins forces with breakthrough artist Reflux for this massive stomper ‘ADHD’. Featured on the HU 2013 album this is one bouncy hardcore track to have in any set with lots of samples a quirky bassline and 2 epic breakdowns

SD043 – Haze & [email protected] – Bass Shake (Yorkshire Ripper Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV) Back to the Underground! Yorkshire Ripper makes his mark on Scarred Digital with this remix featuring breakbeats, cheeky samples, live recorded percussion and a spine chilling bassline that will run through your body!

SD042 – Bananaman & Gisbo ft Nia – Can’t Believe You’re Mine

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadiTunes, Google Play

Scarred Digital welcomes hardcore legends Bananaman and Gisbo alongside Nia who bring forth a massive uplifting vocal hardcore release. Played to the biggest the dance floors across the scene from HTID and Hardcore Heaven to Uproar and featured on the recent compilation album Hardcore Underground 2013. This is one anthem to be singing along to!

SD041 – Ricky D & Hayley Louise ft Charlotte – Love Shines

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadGoogle Play

The début appearance on Scarred Digital of Ricky D sees this breakthrough producer team up with ladies Hayley and vocalist Charlotte to deliver a high energy hardcore tune. This is certainly a big way to make a start on the label!

SD040 – Uplift – Night Flight ([email protected] Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadGoogle Play

Female DJ [email protected] unleashes a fresh and upfront remix of Raw Elements’ biggest seller ‘Night Flight’. This [email protected] remix brings new light to this classic with fresh up-to-date percussion and a funky mid section all with cowbells, whilst retaining the oldskool rave vibes! A MUST have for the collection of any DJ!

SD039 – Voodoo Stomp – Reflux & Clowny

OUT NOW: Track It Down, Amazon, Beatport, Juno Download, Google Play

Reflux and Clowny on the Voodoo Stomp …. Enough said! Massive tune that’s had the dance floors raving across the globe from the legendary Westfest to HTID, Uproar, Hardcore Heaven and through to small events and illegal dance parties. The response is ‘OFF THE FKN HOOK’ every time!

SD038 – Dan Edge & Daniel Sevens – Circles


Dan Edge (UK) and Daniel Seven (IT) unite for this vocal uplifting hardcore number. This track brings together a variety of dance elements – catchy sing-a-long female vocals with uplifting riffs, pianos and one very funky mid section that touches base with the underground rave vibes of stabby syth work and amens.

SD037 – Dan Edge – Rock N Roll ([email protected] Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download, Google Play

[email protected] puts her stamp over Dan Edges beast ‘Rock N Roll’. This remix brings in the pianos, atmospheric strings, running bassline, arps and thumping percussion for one heavy hardcore release. This is for the dedicated scene lovers out there!

SD036 – Nick 235 & [email protected] – Ibogaine (Catzeyez Gabber Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download, Google Play

Gabber producer ‘Catzeyez’ brings new light to Nick235 & [email protected] anthem ‘Ibogaine’. uniting hard distorted kicks with uplifting chords and pianos this Gabber remix is one for every hardcore lover around the globe

SD035 – [email protected] – Hardcore Power

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download, Google Play

The grandfather of hardcore LUNA C makes a guest appearance on Scarred Digital remixing one of [email protected]’s personal favourites ‘Hardcore Power’.  Expect a Kniteforce make-over with lots of pianos, hard beats, breaks, spine chillin oldskool vocal samples, hoovers and 100% pure Luna C magic!

SDF005 – Triple J – Follow The Sun (Jay Skitz & Bridson Remix)


Played at events including Westfest, HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Uproar and many more, we have another FREE release from Scarred Digital. J-Skitz returns this time with Bridson on their rework of this classic anthem ‘Follow The Sun’.

SD034 – Dzine – Got The Love

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download, Google Play

*POWERSTOMP VOCAL ANTHEM ALERT* Dzine joins the Scarred Digital crew with this massive 2013 remake of one of the biggest rave anthems of all time! A must have in every DJ collection to smash the dance floor to pieces around the world!

SD033 – Solstice – Patch, Eufeion & [email protected]

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download, Google Play

Solstice – Scarred Digital residents [email protected], Eufeion & Patch collaborate for this catchy bouncy hardcore number. Expect lots of pianos, strings and happiness throughout from these three producers.

SD032 – [email protected] &Gemma Macleod – Perfect Day

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download

[email protected] & Gemma MacLeod are at it again for this slammer of a vocal track. ‘Perfect Day’ is the ultimate hardcore love ballad. Gemma’s powerful, meaningful vocals combined with [email protected]’s bouncy beats, pianos, epic chords & catchy riff has had crowds stomping during live performances from these 2 ladies at both Hardcore Heaven & HTID stages

SD031 – Nick 235 & Midas – Crystal Ocean

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatportJuno Download

The UK’s number 1 freeform producer NICK235 has joined forces with new producer Midas to come up with ‘Crystal Ocean’. The result – stabby pianos, freeflowing acid lines, transitional chords and evil percussion which all builds up to a driving climax of a drop. This beast of track is not one for the faint hearted DJ, Crystal Ocean has had raving reviews from the underground hardcore scene!

SD030 – Realplay & Eufeion – Dreamlight

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport, Juno Download

Hardcore pianos, happy feelgood chords, beefy percussion, catchy vocal and a running bass line with a splash of an oldskool vibe, makes this ravey masterpiece from Realplay & Eufeion stand out. ‘Dreamlight’ has all the elements of a dance floor instrumental anthem

SD029 – [email protected] & Justine – Die For You

OUT NOW: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

Launching the scenes latest female duo – [email protected] & Justine kick of their first of many vocal releases together! ‘Die 4 U’ combines [email protected]’s massive big chords, electric guitars, funky beats, & tight percussion with Justine’s strong unique voice which results in a huge catchy vocal dance floor release. Keep an ear out for the girls next releases ‘Feel The Rush’ & ‘Raver’ which are currently being dropped at events around the globe!!!

SD027 – [email protected] & Douglas – Summer Groove

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

FREEFORM AT ITS VERY BEST!  [email protected] & Douglas unite their strongest elements for this solid epic underground but euphoric release.  Summer Groove entices the listener into a fast movement phenomenon which blisses out to a epic breakdown before a thumping heavy dirty drop. Strictly for the purist – this is one track not for the light hearted!

SD026 – Catzeyez – Definition Of Insanity

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

Australian gabber artist ‘Catzeyez’ returns with an  aggressive nustyle of hardcore! ‘Definition Of Insanity’ has all the elements you could ever need – distorted to fk kicks, evil vibes & haunting riffs. This track shows why Catzyez is already performing at Defqon1 (Sydney) , Home Grown &  Art Of Fighter Tears of Blood Tour to name a few. This is one track to scare the neighbours!

SD025 – Reflux & Defective – Tidal Wave

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

A perfect summer hardcore track with huge vocal, uplifting euphoric chords, massive hands in the air breakdowns, epic build ups & phat drops that proves that ‘Tidal Wave’ is a dancefloor crowd pleaser!! Tested at events across the globe including HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Ravers Reunited, Uproar and in front of 15,000 people at The Color Run London, this track has had strong support from artists & ravers from all levels!

SD024 – Realplay & Dick Dolla Vs [email protected] – Top Dolla

Buy Now: Track It Down,iTunesAmazonBeatport

Hardcore with acid lines,various interweaving riffs & transitional chords are not heard enough in today’s scene! Three artists have collaborated for this busy and exciting track with so many musical levels, that every time you listen to it you’ll hear something new. A freeform vibe without being labeled a specialist subgenre there are elements of many EDM genres intertwining together for a musical journey through sound. A must have release for those looking for something different!

SD023 – Gemma MacLeod – Deeper

Buy Now: Track It Down, iTunesAmazonBeatport

This girl has taken over the dancefloor and all the hardcore charts nation wide! Gemma returns with another slamming release, this time solo and as a signed Scarred Digital artist! The only way to describe this vocal dance floor anthem is just AMAZING! Spine tingling vocals, massive bassline, upfliting chords, huge riffs and extremely catchy! This has received fantastic reactions from every dancefloor globally!

SD022 – [email protected] & Pinnacle – Pupunanni

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport 17/07/2013

London’s own [email protected] and Pinnacle collaborate in the studio for this fun hardcore track. Bringing out elements of what both artist are known for: [email protected]’s massive pianos & Pinnacles wobbley basslines! The result is a fun, uplifting ravey track PUPUNANNII! A great track to mix, sample and a suits every style of upfront hardcore dancefloor. DJs get on this 🙂

SD021 – Eufeion & Patch – Power Shock

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazon, BeatportReleased: 10/07/2013

*Power Stomp Alert* Eufeion and Patch are smashing out the releases in 2013! Power Shock is not one for the light hearted raver: heavy kicks, evil samples, triplet riffs and massive chords. This track defines hardcore as a supernatural element. Another anthem to have in the CD wallet from this duo!

SD020 – Yorkshire Ripper – Higher

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

Yorkshire Ripper smashed out a top party release with ‘Higher’. Lots of crazy synthy riff work, bouncy basslines, fun vocals and 100% uplifting vibes throughout the track. This is the reason why Yorkshire Ripper is pushing all the boundaries taking you to a ”higher” level! Scarred Digital are proudly to present Yorkshire Ripper with this ‘must have’ release!

SD019 – Inside Your Mind ([email protected] & Klubfiller Remix) – Uplift, Euphony & Donna Marie

Buy Now: Track It Down – 10/07/2013 (All Other Stores)

Scarred Digital present a massive remix of ‘Inside Your Mind’. This track originally appeared on Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 2! [email protected] and Klubfiller bring a new light to the legendary vocal of Donna Marie, huge chords, cheeky cuts and a heavy bassline. This release has been getting some proper airing from the ‘big’ boys around the globe and is one not to be missed!

SD018 – Haze & [email protected] Bass Shake

Buy Now: Track It Down (Released other stores: 26/06/2013)

Australian hardcore artists Haze and [email protected] collaborate for this dance floor ‘Bass Shaking’ number. Chunky amens and breaks with a deep eerie riff. A running bassline with tricky acid lines give a freeformish and oldskool feel for the upfront hardcore purist!

SD017 – Eufeion & Relevant EP

Buy Now:Track It Down / 05/06/2013 (All Other Stores)

Eufeion & Relevant hit the studio for these two slammers. A personal favourite of Eufeion’s ‘High School Of The Dead’ is a dark and twisted hardcore track, taking you back down the underground. With an eerie vocal sample, tough percussion and savage quirky riffs. On the flip ‘Calling’ is a bouncy, happy vocal number with big strings and catchy riff, with a sprinkle of harder elements throughout. This Eufeion and Relevant EP has something for everyone!

SD016 – Insight – You Thrill Me ([email protected] Remix)

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

* Massive Anthem Alert * Big remix from Lady [email protected] of one of Happy Hardcore’s legendary tracks.  Bringing back the old skool vibes with a NuSkool feel. Played on dance floors across the globe from the UK, Australia, Europe, Japan and America this is one track that has had the crowds singing every time!

SD015 – Nick 235 ft [email protected] & Greg Peaks – Nick 235 EP

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport 

Bringing you the best underground freeform producer of 2013 – Nick 235. Making his début on Scarred Digital after building up his reputation on NuEnergy, Stamina & ReBuild. The first track, Ibogaine – making a rebirth on the dance floor, sees Nick join up with our very own lady [email protected] to create a monster! This track has every element required for a anthem – driving basslines, epic chords, uplifting riffs, amens & acid lines. The flip, Electronic, sees Nick team up with Greg Peaks on the vocals for a hardcore track with a twist! Catchy vocals, busy riffs, full percussion and a blast of original ideas. This is the 1st of many Nick235 releases on Scarred Digital so start building your collection now!

SD014 – Klubfiller & [email protected] – Klubar

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazonBeatport

Award winning artists Klubfiller and [email protected] reunite for this slammer instrumental cover of this seasons biggest dance hit sensation by Avicii.

A Scarred Digital anthem and guaranteed to have every dancefloor rocking around the globe!!!!

SD012 – Chris Fear – Chris Fear EP

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazon, Beatport

2013 is Chris Fears big year! representing Core Fever & Essential Platinum he debuts on Scarred Digital with this massive EP! Teaming up with him for ‘Play With Fire’ is the famous Lisa Abbott – this track has every element for a dance floor anthem: catchy vocals, epic strings and a happy melody. On the flip, newcomer Ajay joins Chris Fear for ‘Club Sound’ – an Euphoric hardcore instrumental track with a variety of melodies, sounds and diversity! This is one EP that shows why Chris Fear is not a name to forget!

SDA001 – Scarred Digital: The Launch Album

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesAmazon

In 6 Months Scarred Digital has had a massive impact with every release causing a stir. This album features all the tracks from our first 5 releases, showcasing the labels unique style. This is just the beginning of the journey!

SD011 – Catzeyez – Fk It Up & Fk It Up ([email protected] Remix)

Buy Now: Track It Down

The Australians make their mark on the hardcore world with this EP! Catzeyez début gabber release shows why this is one name to keep an ear on for 2013! With strong, mental riffs and heavy distorted drums this track will get any rave pumping! The flip sees [email protected] with a equally number one remix pushing the limits on the UK hardcore scene. This is one release not to be overlooked!

SD010 – Gisbo & Burn ft Gemma Macleod – Destiny

Buy Now: Track It Down

Gisbo and Burn’s debut collaboration on Scarred Digital with the unique voice of Gemma Macleod supplying a heavyweight vocal on this well polished track. Mysterious and uplifting whilst being very musical at the same time. This track has been performed LIVE at HTID & Dreamscape NYE and at HARDCORE HEAVEN. This track is a must-have for any CD wallet and is guaranteed to pump energy into any dancefloor!

SD009 – [email protected] & Starkiss – Vicious Creatures

Buy Now: Track It Down,  iTunesBeatportAmazon

American rising star Starkiss with Australian princess [email protected] take you on a musical rave journey! Forever changing hardcore riffs, weaving arpeggios and eerie strings are layered together before giving way to a deep drum and bass breakdown. This track has been performed on stages across the globe and has graced the airwaves of the world famous BBC Radio 1.

SDF003 – Catzeyez – Fkn Up Da Megamix

RELEASED: 16/01/2013 – Free download at

Another freebie from Scarred Digital – grab the full track from Wednesday 16th January!!

SDF002 – Existence – Yorkshire Ripper Remix


Scarred Digital are kicking off the new year with a free download – the Yorkshire Ripper remix of Excision & Downlink’s “Existence”


SD008 – MC Supplier & [email protected] – London City

Buy Now: Track It Down iTunesBeatportAmazon

Itz A London Ting! Number 1 Garage MC Supplier joins forces with rude gal [email protected] for this funky bassline hardcore tune with a catchy rap that captures all the highlights of the underground scene. This track is exclusive to Track It Down for 2 weeks – full release (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, etc 2nd January 2013)

SD007 – X-Cyte – Who I Am

Buy Now: Track It Down, iTunesBeatportAmazon

New producer X-Cyte makes his stamp with this vocal anthem track. Catchy riff, strong meaningful vocals with some beefy percussion. This is a rave dancefloor necessity to have!


SD006 – Entised – Slikma

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesBeatportAmazon

Fresh undiscovered artist Slikma débuts his first release with Scarred Digital. All freeform business with trancy riffs, euphoric chords and crescending acid lines. An all over epic vibe complete with bells! The flipside sees support for our Hard Dance lovers on a quality remix

SD005 – [email protected] & Klubfiller Ft Taya – Don’t Say Goodbye

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesBeatportAmazon

The hottest talent on the scene for 2012 unites! Klubfiller and lady [email protected] collaborate with vocal godess Taya for this massive hardcore anthem. The flipside is an MC friendly instrumental dub version!

SD004 – Flying (Wings Of Love) EP – Eufeion, Patch & Gemma Macleod

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesBeatportAmazon

Massive three track EP from the cores newest collab. Summer vocal anthems, insane gabber beats and cheeky stomping bouncy hardcore. This release covers it all!

SD003 – Exstacy – [email protected] & Alias

Buy Now: Track It DowniTunesBeatportAmazon

A DJ’s dream track, guaranteed to go down well with any dancefloor with fun sampling, uplifting vibes, sexy adlibs and a tight breakbeat breakdown with a catchy hands in the air riff.


SD002 – Mass Effect – Uplift Vs [email protected]

Buy Now: Track It Down, iTunes, Beatport, Amazon

This track captures the oldskool love in a newskool vibe featuring driving basslines, tight percussion, stabs, amen breaks, eerie strings and spine tingling arps.


SD001 – Rushin – [email protected]

Buy Now: Track It Down, iTunes, Beatport, Amazon

The long awaited first release from Scarred Digital featuring tight percussion, pounding basslines, smartly programmed fills and hands in the air pianos.  This track ticks all the boxes and is sure to get any dancefloor moving!

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle,  Spotify

<img class=”alignright” alt=”” src=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ /><h4>SD137 – Part Of Yourself</h4><h4><span style=”color: #00ff00;”>OUT NOW:</span> <a href=””>Band Camp</a>, <a href=”″>Beatport</a>, <a href=””>Juno</a>, <a href=”;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1526991479&amp;sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&amp;keywords=Mike+reverie+code-e”>Amazon</a>, <a href=”;app=music”>iTunes</a>, <a href=””>Google Play</a>, <a href=”″></a>, <a href=””>Track It Down</a>,  <a href=””>Spotify</a></h4>Mike Reverie, Code-E and Studioslave unite for this unique and contrasting 2 track EP ‘Part Of Yourself’.
First up, Mike Reverie &amp; Code-E have an upfront, energetic vibe with electric guitars, modern chords and vocal effects all combining to perfection! This is one not to miss, which contrasts brilliantly with the flip side!
On the flip, British producer Studioslave has a very melodic UK hardcore track – the breakdown stands out with a warm, acoustic guitar riff with soft pads building up into a very catchy sing-along ravey drop.
<iframe style=”line-height: 1.5em;” src=”;color=ff6600&amp;auto_play=false&amp;show_artwork=false” height=”166″ width=”100%” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”></iframe><iframe style=”line-height: 1.5em;” src=”;color=ff6600&amp;auto_play=false&amp;show_artwork=false” height=”166″ width=”100%” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no”></iframe>
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