[email protected] and Scooby have the aim of bringing together an international selection of the finest producers from across many scenes under one label to further their sound.  Founded in 2012, expect the unexpected with a selective mixture of well established artists as well as the finest upcoming talent working together to further their sound globally.  Already building a reputation for high quality releases, fresh beats and original ideas, Scarred Digital releases are ones not to be missing from any CD wallet!


If you’d like to submit a track to Scarred Digital, please e-mail it to [email protected]


Latest Release: Make The Walls Shake
Next Release: Hi Skool (05/12/2017)

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SD078 – Feel The Rush (Bustin & Skampy Remix) – OUT NOW

SD078 – Feel The Rush (Bustin & Skampy Remix)

OUT NOW: Harddancemp3.com (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

We welcome London Lucky Breaks legends Bustin and Skampy to the Scarred Digital crew!

This remix of FEEL THE RUSH is all underground with a serious baseline, tight breakbeats, epic massive trance leads and a spine-chilling vocal sang straight from the heart by Justine. Guaranteed to have the ravers grooving and cuttin shapes on the dance floor!!

SD077 – By My Side – OUT NOW

SD077 – By My Side – Andy Wilson

OUT NOW: Harddancemp3.com (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99), Google Play (£0.99)

Andy Wilson returns after his number 1 hit with ‘BY MY SIDE’. Killer vocals, main room riff, strong leads, pianos and pure 100% rave vibes pave the way for another anthem from this rising star.

SD075 – Booming Track – OUT NOW

SD075 – Booming Track – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Harddancemp3.com (£1.00), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] is back with a ‘Booming Track’ taking you on a rave journey!  An energetic, uplifting bouncy hardcore release with a lot of fun samples including a didgeridoo!  There’s also plenty of funky synth work which changes throughout the  four distinctive sections including a groovy mid section of drum and bass.  It’s all about the  ”Rhythm and Drums and a Booming Track”

SD073 – Little Bird – OUT NOW

SD073 – Little Bird – Joey Riot Vs Ziyad & IT-Mam

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

A highly energetic, fun, vocal slammer from Joey Riot, Ziyad and IT-Man.  Destined to get the ravers singing and bouncing around hard to this ‘Little Bird’

SD071 – Trek – OUT NOW

SD071 – Trek – Humid

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50),  iTunes (£0.99)

‘Trek’ takes you on a musical rave journey of filthy acid lines, epic trancy chords and pianos – all 100% fresh & original.

One of the top 5 up & comer producer tracks from the Future State Music Album competition, we are proud to introduce you to a fresh new name to the scene ‘DJ Humid’.

SD069 – It’s Like That – OUT NOW

SD069 – It’s Like That – Deverstate, Inspiration & Doug Horizon

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

”coz we are ravers and that’s the way it is!” MC Deverstate, Inspiration and Doug Horizon coming at you with ‘ITS LIKE THAT’. In the top 5 winning tracks from the Future State Music Album & Scarred Digital producer competition album, this release is HUGE with catchy lyrics that sum up the ravers way of life!

SD066 – Play Girl – OUT NOW

SD066 – Play Girl – UniqueForm & S.I.D.R

RELEASED: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Get your ‘PLUR’ on with our Russian Hardcore comrades UniqForm & S.I.D.R – Future State Music Album competition top 5 producer winners!

PLAY GIRL is full of happy raving vibes but its all about the cheeky flirty vocal, Catchy riff and bouncy beats with this little number! 

SD064 – Million Miles – OUT NOW

SD064 – Million Miles – M-Project Feat. MC Steal

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Japanese Producer M-Project and MOTNS’s very own MC Steal bring their sounds to Scarred Digital.  Expect nothing but bouncey, uplifting, happy vibes and a hands in the air breakdown!  Uniting hardcore from around the globe, this is ‘Million Miles’.

Keep Calm And Get Scarred T-Shirt – OUT NOW

Brand new & available now are exclusive ‘Kelp Calm And Get Scarred” T-shirts for both Ladies & Gents – grab yours NOW!

gents ladies

Gents & Ladies styles are available in a wide range of colours for only £14.99 each!


SD063 – Hold Back – OUT NOW

SD063 – Hold Back – [email protected]

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50),  Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] takes you on a hardcore musical journey!  Known for her love of pianos and ravey vibes, expect nothing less!  HOLD BACK is full of – pianos, bouncy percussion, massive strings, uplifting chords and a touch of amens.

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