[email protected] and Scooby have the aim of bringing together an international selection of the finest producers from across many scenes under one label to further their sound.  Founded in 2012, expect the unexpected with a selective mixture of well established artists as well as the finest upcoming talent working together to further their sound globally.  Already building a reputation for high quality releases, fresh beats and original ideas, Scarred Digital releases are ones not to be missing from any CD wallet!


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SD057 – Raver – OUT NOW

SD057 – Raver – [email protected] & Justine

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

HUGE VOCAL ANTHEM ALERT!!!! [email protected], Chris Fear and the gorgeous Justine collabate for this mega happy hands in the air cover to take you back to the epic vibes of the 90s. This one is purely for the ravers and one of the most requested releases to date. 100% haplessness guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone on the dance floor. Massive vocal, big riff, bouncy beats and major string work throughout.

SD055 – Hard Bliss – OUT NOW

SD055 – Hard Bliss – Reflux & Clowny ft Deanne

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

There is only word to describe this release ‘EPIC!’ Reflux and Clowny unite with Deanne for this massive anthem – a huge Powerstomp cover of the 90s dance classic ‘Bellissima’.

Hard bouncy beats, a euphoric breakdown and a sexy female vocal – what else do you need in hardcore? ‘Hard Bliss’ has already ripped the global dance floor to pieces and is being released in time for HTID in the Sun in Spain!

SD054 – Rainbow Killer – OUT NOW

SD054 – [email protected] – Rainbow Killer

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

[email protected] returns with an absolute slammer in ‘RAINBOW KILLER’!!

This track has everything you need in hardcore – uplifting synths, stomping beats, a splash of electro, pianos and lots of funky squelchy sounds to get your rave on!!

SD052 – Don’t Say Goodbye – OUT NOW

SD052 – [email protected] & Klubfiller ft Taya – Don’t Say Goodbye (Chris Fear Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Chris Fear puts his stamp on [email protected], Klubfiller and Taya’s vocal anthem ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’.  With a massive catchy riff, uplifting vibes and a vocal that has the crowd singing along every time this remix is guaranteed to be heard on dancefloors worldwide!

SD051 – Tidal Wave – OUT NOW

SD051 – Reflux & Defective – Tidal Wave (Alex Prospect Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Award winning Alex Prospect does his magic on Scarred Digital’s ‘Tidal Wave’ by Reflux & Defective. With an ever catchy, popular vocal, extreme bass drops, epic synth work and a subtle guitar, this is the 2014 Summer time Hardcore Rave smash hit!!  

SD050 – A Touch Of Magic – OUT NOW

SD050 – Kingsize & Eternity – A Touch Of Magic ([email protected] & MC Energy Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.99), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Celebrating our 50th release and our biggest release to date! A Touch Of Magic is one of the dance scenes biggest anthems to date. Scarred Digital are excited to unleash this beast of a remix from hardcore performing duo [email protected] and MC Energy. Absolute huge uplifting vocals, pianos, big strings and happy hardcore bouncy vibes with a modern UK hardcore touch.

This remix has had strong feedback from dance floors across the globe including UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Russia and throughout Europe! If you love your big anthems then don’t miss out on this!

SD049 – E-Voski EP – OUT NOW

SD049 – E-Voski EP

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Début release from a ground breaking new producer! We welcome E-Voski to the Scarred Digital crew with an EP show casing why this will be a name we will hear more of on the rave scene.

‘THE FUTURE’ a bright track focusing on lots of hardcore elements – pianos, massive synth work and running basslines – this track has it all!

‘FLEXTRICITY’ brings a DNB release to Scarred Digital. Tight percussion, underground dark vibes and catchy chords with a twist of happyness which will have you swaying to the beat with a smile on your face! Start your E-Voski collection now!

SD048 – After The Rain – OUT NOW

SD048 – Patch, Eufeion & Deanne – After The Rain

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Patch and Eufeion return with this original stomping hardcore release with the beautiful Deanne. Uplifting happy vibes, catchy strong vocals, and an 100% original fresh release! 

SD047 – Fall From Grace – OUT NOW

SD047 – [email protected], Wizbit & Ponder – Fall From Grace

OUT NOW: CLSM Web Store (£1.60), Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Three of Londons’ biggest artists unite for this huge release!  Tight percussion, heavy basslines, pianos, a sexy female vocal and massive breakdowns.  Each artist brings their unique vibe – from the oldskool to the nu skool rave this is one release that has had solid support from various artists and also featured on the recent HU2013 album

SD046 – Get Down – OUT NOW

SD046 – Jakka B & Ricky D – Get Down EP

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Breakthrough artists Jakka B and Ricky D push through all hardcore limits on this massive EP. Huge catchy vocal, stabby leads and a funky bassline. Chris Fear works his magic on a epic massive remix featured on the HU2013 album. Heard at events including HTID, Dreamscape and Hardcore Heaven through to the smaller dance floors across the scene this is one vocal release not to miss out on!

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