[email protected] and Scooby have the aim of bringing together an international selection of the finest producers from across many scenes under one label to further their sound.  Founded in 2012, expect the unexpected with a selective mixture of well established artists as well as the finest upcoming talent working together to further their sound globally.  Already building a reputation for high quality releases, fresh beats and original ideas, Scarred Digital releases are ones not to be missing from any CD wallet!


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SD142 – Don’t Be Afraid – OUT NOW!!

SD142 – Don’t Be Afraid – Dan Edge & Ben Manic

OUT NOW: Bandcamp, BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Scarred Digital producers Dan Edge and Ben Manic team up for this mammoth release.

Main Room vocals, dance floor filling beats and hands in the air melodies. ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ has been gathering international interest in the rave scene – definitely one for the collection!!

SD141 – By My Side – OUT NOW!!

SD141 – By My Side (Mansy & Sw!tch Remix) – Andy Wilson

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comSpotify

Scarred Digital family release!

MANSY and SW!TCH rework ANDY WILSON’s chart topping vocal anthem with this mammoth, upfront Happy hardcore remix. Keeping the fun party elements of the original release and giving them a new lease of life with modern 2018 riffs, sounds and tight production.

Scarred By Sound – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scarred Digital proudly presents ‘Scarred By Sound‘!

Release Date: 27th JULY 2018


International Shipping!


So here’s what you get:

– 1x Physical CD album Mixed by [email protected]

– PLUS Dual Ownership of the 15x Exclusive Tracks (featured in the mix) in full Unmixed, DJ friendly WAV format.

A unique download voucher will be sent inside the packaging along with your CD. This will allow you to download the Dual Ownership, Unmixed tracks.


Unmixed/Mixed Tracklist:

01. Dean-P, Infexious & Vibrance Feat’ Ceci – Thunder & Raindrops
02. Code-E – I Need Love
03. Tamerax & Lovely Chan – Ready When You Are
04. Sw!tch & Wyld Feat’ Stephanie Kay – The Stars Collide
05. Dan Edge & Ben Manic – Reflections
06. Reflux & Studioslave – Just Release Me
07. Uniqform & S.I.D.R – You’re My Everything
08. Skye, 2B Happy, Delusion – Rock The Bass
09. Ken Masters & Andy Wilson Feat’ Haruna Sawamizu – Civilization
10. ViolonC – Drive Me Crazy
11. [email protected] & MoreMental MC – Scarred By Sound
12. NeoNoise & Havoc – Ass Up
13. Rob IYF & Stu Woods – T-Virus
14. Mansy – Survivor
15. Catzeyes & MC Instinct – KOR (Keep On Raving)


Here’s how it works:

– You will receive 1x Physical Digipack CD Album Mixed by [email protected]

– Along with your CD you will also receive a unique Bandcamp Voucher. This voucher will allow you to download every single track featured in the mix in full Unmixed, DJ Friendly MP3 or WAV format.

– Every track is 100% exclusive to the album.


So that’s 15 Unmixed tracks in WAV format, every single one of which is exclusive to the album PLUS a physical CD Mixed by [email protected]

All of this for only £9.99!

Format: 1x CD Mixed + Unmixed (Digital)
Catalogue Number – SDA007

SD140 – Be My Hero (Double Dragon) – OUT NOW!!

SD140 – Be My Hero (Double Dragon) – Tamerex ft Lovely Chan

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Massive DOUBLE DRAGON EP from two freshly signed Scarred Digital artists – Canada’s own TAMERAX and American vocalist LOVELY CHAN. The Double Dragon EP showcases how talented, unique and experimental Tamerax really is; Moulding Gaming, Anime, Happy Hardcore, Freeform and a touch of Trance all into one ball, the result is this stomper of a release.

On the A side ‘Be My Hero’, LOVELY CHAN compliments the 1st breakdown with her spiritual dreamy vocal. On the Flip AA side ‘Double Dragon’ is the original, non vocal dub which lets the musical journey speak for itself!

SD139 – Come Let Go – OUT NOW!

SD139 – Come Let Go – Ganah & Swifty

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Ganah and Swifty deliver a hardcore monster!  ‘Come Let It Go’ is a 100% stomptastic featuring ravey melodies with a fierce, powerful sample.

SD138 – Breathing – OUT NOW!!

SD138 – Breathing (Mizz T & Hitman Remix) – [email protected] & Jozzi ft Justine

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It DownSpotify

Mizz T and Hitman collab to add their magic touch to ‘ Breathing’ by the ladies of the core: [email protected], Jozzi and Justine.

Fresh synth work, vocal effects, a stomping bassline, new riffs and a quirky breakdown, which even throws in a touch of breakbeat. A must have for the UK Hardcore lover!

SD137 – Part Of Yourself – OUT NOW!!

SD137 – Part Of Yourself – A.Mike Reverie & Code-E – B. Studioslave

OUT NOW: Band CampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.comTrack It Down,  Spotify

Mike Reverie, Code-E and Studioslave unite for this unique and contrasting 2 track EP ‘Part Of Yourself’.

First up, Mike Reverie & Code-E have an upfront, energetic vibe with electric guitars, modern chords and vocal effects all combining to perfection! This is one not to miss, which contrasts brilliantly with the flip side!

On the flip, British producer Studioslave has a very melodic UK hardcore track – the breakdown stands out with a warm, acoustic guitar riff with soft pads building up into a very catchy sing-along ravey drop.

SD136 – Holy Moly – OUT NOW!!

SD136 – Holy Moly – Rottweilerz

OUT NOW: BandcampBeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.com, Track It Down,  Spotify

Hailing from sunny Miami, DJ Rottwilerz bursts onto the scene with his debut release.

‘Holy Moly’ is a creative, uplifting happy hardcore track, buzzing with cheerful pianos, modern spirited chords and bouncy beats. The two upbeat breakdowns really stand out, both build up and explode into two varying drops which will have ravers going bananas on the dance floor.

Scarred Digital are excited to make light of this new producer!

SD135 – Renegade/Future Boy – OUT NOW!

SD135 – Renegade/Future Boy – NeoNoise

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesTrackItDownHardstyle.comSpotify

Aussie producer NeoNoise showcases his unique sound with this dancefloor breaking EP!

Up first is ‘FUTURE BOY’. A very melodic, happy chordal number which features NeoNoise’s famous thumping kicks and electronic metallic sounds. Then, on the flip, he’s back once again for the ‘RENEGADE’ master! A very contrasting, but complimentary, second track to the EP with fierce stomping production, a chunky bassline and crazy nu-rave sounds. The breakdown remains energetic and to the point before dropping a high energy ‘power to the people’ vibe.

SD134 – Narcotic – OUT NOW!!

SD134 – Narcotic – M-Project & [email protected]

OUT NOW: BeatportJunoAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayHardstyle.com,  Spotify

M-Project and [email protected] are back with an audacious and creative track.

Kicking off with heavy beats, acid lines and chordal stabs before dropping into an atmospheric breakdown containing a naughty reference sample, a cheeky playful riff and an epic freeform influenced build up. Watch out for the heavy UK hardcore drop with layers of chords, riffs, synths and strings which keeps the flow interesting and fits perfectly into all styles of hardcore and freeform sets!

Supported by many artists, Narcotic was also featured on the Future State Hardcore volume 3 album.

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