[email protected] and Scooby have the aim of bringing together an international selection of the finest producers from across many scenes under one label to further their sound.  Founded in 2012, expect the unexpected with a selective mixture of well established artists as well as the finest upcoming talent working together to further their sound globally.  Already building a reputation for high quality releases, fresh beats and original ideas, Scarred Digital releases are ones not to be missing from any CD wallet!


If you’d like to submit a track to Scarred Digital, please e-mail it to [email protected]


Latest Release: Double Rainbow
Next Release: Galaxy Rush (02/04/2019)

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SD045 – Gates Of Hell – OUT NOW

SD045 – [email protected] – Gates Of Hell

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

Lady [email protected] returns with this huge release!  Massive synth work, tight percussion, triplet riffs and a touch of piano.  One of her favourite tracks to play, this has been dropped on dance floors globally and also featured on the album HU2013. Gates of Hell is not for the faint hearted!


SD044 – Joey Riot & Reflux – ADHD

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV)

Power Bounce time! 
Award winning Joey Riot joins forces with breakthrough artist Reflux for this massive stomper ‘ADHD’. Featured on the HU 2013 album this is one bouncy hardcore track to have in any set with lots of samples a quirky bassline and 2 epic breakdowns

SD043 – Bass Shake Remix – OUT NOW

SD043 – Haze & [email protected] - Bass Shake (Yorkshire Ripper Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down (From £1.49), Amazon (£0.89p), Beatport (From £1.50), Juno Download (From £0.83), Google Play (£0.99), iTunes (£0.99p)

The price shown in brackets after each store is current at the time of release and may vary by quality (192/320 MP3 or WAV)

Back to the Underground! Yorkshire Ripper makes his mark on Scarred Digital with this remix featuring breakbeats, cheeky samples, live recorded percussion and a spine chilling bassline that will run through your body!

SD042 – Can’t Believe You’re Mine – OUT NOW

SD042 – Bananaman & Gisbo ft Nia – Can’t Believe You’re Mine

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadiTunes

Scarred Digital welcomes hardcore legends Bananaman and Gisbo alongside Nia who bring forth a massive uplifting vocal hardcore release. Played to the biggest the dance floors across the scene from HTID and Hardcore Heaven to Uproar and featured on the recent compilation album Hardcore Underground 2013. This is one anthem to be singing along to!

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There is an exciting new range of Scarred Digital Hoodies & T-Shirts available now – check out the full range HERE and get ordering today!


SD041 – Love Shines – OUT NOW

SD041 – Ricky D & Hayley Louise ft Charlotte - Love Shines

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadGoogle Play

The début appearance on Scarred Digital of Ricky D sees this breakthrough producer team up with ladies Hayley and vocalist Charlotte to deliver a high energy hardcore tune. This is certainly a big way to make a start on the label!

SD040 – Night Flight ([email protected] Remix) – OUT NOW

SD040 – Uplift – Night Flight ([email protected] Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It DownAmazonBeatportJuno DownloadGoogle Play

Female DJ [email protected] unleashes a fresh and upfront remix of Raw Elements’ biggest seller ‘Night Flight’. This [email protected] remix brings new light to this classic with fresh up-to-date percussion and a funky mid section all with cowbells, whilst retaining the oldskool rave vibes! A MUST have for the collection of any DJ!

SD039 – Reflux & Clowny – Voodoo Stomp – OUT NOW

SD039 – Voodoo Stomp – Reflux & Clowny

OUT NOW: Track It Down, Amazon, Beatport, Juno Download, Google Play

Reflux and Clowny on the Voodoo Stomp …. Enough said! Massive tune that’s had the dance floors raving across the globe from the legendary Westfest to HTID, Uproar, Hardcore Heaven and through to small events and illegal dance parties. The response is ‘OFF THE FKN HOOK’ every time!

SD037 – Rock N Roll ([email protected] Remix) – OUT NOW

SD037 – Dan Edge – Rock N Roll ([email protected] Remix)

OUT NOW: Track It Down, iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno Download, Google Play

[email protected] puts her stamp over Dan Edges beast ‘Rock N Roll’. This remix brings in the pianos, atmospheric strings, running bassline, arps and thumping percussion for one heavy hardcore release. This is for the dedicated scene lovers out there!

FREE Technical Difficulties Download

Technical Difficulties

We welcome TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES to the SCARRED DIGITAL crew! Winners of HTID 2013 DJ competition these boys are going from strength to strength. Already playing on main stages across the country including Uproar last weekend!

We are pushing them forward with their sound and wish them the best of luck in the 2013 HARDCORE HEAVEN AWARDS. They are nominated in both Best Breakthrough DJ & Breakthrough Producer categories so please show your support today and have your say!

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K6TYM3T

To get the FREE download, click this link: http://www.scarreddigital.com/downloads/technical-difficulties-animal-free-download/

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