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Nick has loved music since he can remember. As a child he always went straight for the musical instrument toys and had a drum kit and a number of toy electric guitars.  At an early age in a percussion class he was told that he had natural rhythm and was the best in the class.  When he was 8 years old he got his first acoustic guitar and started to have lessons.

Nick has an intrinsic quality when it comes to music. He has always wanted to be a musician and his early inspiration came from Michael Jackson and Europe’s The Final Countdown as he was always a sucker for big chords and epic leads. The first track he fell in love with was Our House by Madness.  He learnt the piano, then the guitar, and a love obsession with heavy metal and rock music ensued.

In the early 90s he secretly started to like dance music after hearing it on MTV. Prodigy’s Outer Space was a game changer for him, along with hearing jungle, and a Helter Skelter tape pack when he was at school. From there he found Dream FM, heard the sounds of DJ Energy, got a pro 150 belt drive deck to practice mixing with, and went to Wax City to start building his record collection. This is when he started using Cubase to record bands and started writing his own tracks.

He continued perusing his musical dream by attending The Brit School to study music technology where he furthered his understanding of Cubase. This is at the same time as when he met Rhona and a life-long friendship was formed. He did work experience at Wax City and met hardcore/freeform DJ and producerKevin Energy.  After graduating he moved onto a career in web design but continued writing music, performing, and collaborating with artists. This is whereRhona and Nick joined forces, initially as part of a band, but then to write together. Their initial collaborative work was as part of a rocktronica band called Duke Gonzo where he played synth and Rhona was lead vox, but they moved on from there to write together in other styles.  Kevin liked what he heard coming out of Nick’s studio so he signed them both to Nu Energy Collective Music.

From here there were many trips to Kent for studio sessions, got a Mac and started using Logic, and from this came landmark tracks Release The Fear and Feeling Kinda Strange. He got his first release called Fundamental Darkness on Hardcore Underground, and through Kevin’s mentoring, honed his production skills and wrote Close Your Eyes a beautifully bittersweet, melodic track, featuring his vocoded vocals. He has since had a release on Nu Energy 100, ReBuild, Stamina, and Scarred Digital. More recently he has become part of DeckaJam band, a brand new dance act, alongside Kevin, and Rhona, as well as rapper Jones 2.0. They have been busy over the past few months writing and recording their first album: “I’m very privileged and honored to be a part of the band and to be able to do music full time is a dream come true.”

Nick has already had a colourful musical past but the future is…



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