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SD127 – Numb’n'Dub & Savage States EP – OUT NOW!

SD127 – Numb’n'Dub & Savage States EP – Numb’n'dub X Savage States

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

A huge 3 track EP straight from Japan’s very own Numb’n'dub & Savage States!

All 3 tracks compliment each other in a very contrasting way. ‘Ragga X-Factor’ is a real ‘in your face’ UK Hardcore track with a fun lyric and heavy bouncy drop. ‘$wag $wag’ unites UK Hardcore with a dark Hip Hop section whilst ‘Massive Impact’ is definately not for the faint hearted! It’s especially for those who love the tek style at 190bpm… yeah that’s the shiz!

SD126 – High Skool – OUT NOW

SD126 – High Skool – Transcend & Cyrax

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

An experimental track from these two freeform legends mashing up a wide variety of classic hardcore flashbacks to take you on a journey back into rave!

An inspirational twist of hoovers, running baselines, iconic samples, classic piano progression, a touch of amen breaks, anastasia stabs and a pretty funky riff running throughout. HIGH SKOOL has it all and will time travel you back to your favourite era!

SD125 – Make The Walls Shake – OUT NOW!

SD125 – Make The Walls Shake – Rob IYF, [email protected] & MC Riddle

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

‘Let the bassline move you’ as IYF, [email protected] and Riddle bring you a bright, uplifting, melodic & joyful release. Beware as it drops into a contrasting, dirty DnB breakdown before bringing back the energetic catchy riff making you want to run around the dance floor cutting shapes!

Complimented by MC Riddle on the lyrics this is one track to play extremely loud and ‘Make The Walls Shake’

SD124 – Core Island – OUT NOW!

SD124 – Core Island – NeoNoise

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Exploding out of Australia, we have our newest Scarred Digital signing NeoNoise who makes a stand with this bouncy, entertaining UK Hardcore masterpiece!

When asking NeoNoise what his personal thought were about ‘Core Island’ his response was “A disgustingly happy track with thoughts of a tropical summer paradise, unicorns farting rainbows and a little robot getting up to no good”

SD123 – No Angels – OUT NOW!

SD123 – No Angels – MoreMental MC & Tone-E

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Bringing the feel good melodic MC vocals back into hardcore, MoreMental MC and Tone E are all about the uplifting happy riff with a touch of breakbeak and a very catchy vocal.

A personal favourite of [email protected]’s being played across the USA, UK, Japan and Australia, No Angels will leave you reminiscing over old rave feelings.

Scarred Digital are excited to showcase these two fresh London artists with their unique sounds!

SD122 – Space Cadet – OUT NOW!

SD122 – Space Cadet – DJ Wyld

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Wyld returns to Scarred Digital with an exciting, fresh & dark UK Hardcore belter! Catchy, haunted riffs with tight & tough percussion all complimented with a mysterious sample! A perfect track to take the dance floor to a whole new level.

With massive reactions from dance floors across the globe this is definitely a track for the more expressive DJ!

SD121 – Lemon Juice – OUT NOW!

SD121 – Lemon Juice – WulFX

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Winner of the Scarred Digital and Future State Music production competition – we are proud to present a ground breaking fresh producer: WulFX from Austria.

Lemon Juice is a cheeky, entertaining, light hearted track with catchy animative riffs throughout the track. Strongly supported by M-Project, [email protected] and Future Shock this track was chosen as the winner for originality, production values, structure and energy.

Album 22 OUT NOW!

On 22 May 2017, a suicide bombing occurred at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. 22 adults and children were killed and 119 were injured, 23 critically. A further terrorist attack took place in London, UK, less than 2 weeks later. This digital album is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives, and those affected by the attacks. This has been produced by the collaboration of Trackmaster Music, Scarred Digital & Total Hardcore Digital. All proceeds from album sales will go to the UK Solidarity Fund, run by The British Red Cross.

Album 22 – WAV Download (2GB – ZIP) – £10

Album 22 – MP3 Download (275mb – ZIP) – £10

All payments via PayPal are non-refundable.  Please ensure you have a means to open the ZIP file before purchase.  After completing the purchase process your PayPal email address will receive download instructions automatically within 5 minutes.  Please don’t file share this album – all proceeds are being donated to charity.  Note: Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam folder for the email with the download instructions!!

Samples of all the tracks:


Archefluxx – 22gether
Andy Wilson – Worlds Apart 2017
Mr Ripley & Krystal – Get Lost
Anubasu – Another Verse (Rob IYF #22 Remix)
ViolonC – Hold You (Kevin Instinct Remix)
Dean-P & Studioslave – Don’t Let Me Go
Ultravibes – No Stopping Us
Billy Jump & Chaos D – Cossack Core
RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Eufeion & Denile Remix)
Cruze – Party All Night Long
Dain-Ja Feat Vicky Fee – Feel So High (Eufeion & Hartshorn Remix)
Cypher – Calling Out
Notorious Hardcore Mafia – I Feel Alright
[email protected], Scooby & MC Supplier – One Minute
Sketchy – Primetime
Jakka-B & Reflux – Icarus
Cyrax – Diving In
Meakz – Make It Bounce
Psychosis – Virus
Havoc & Catzeyez – Battle Field
Machina – Farplane

Album 22 – WAV Download (2GB – ZIP) – £10

Album 22 – MP3 Download (275mb – ZIP) – £10


SD120 – Lost In Love – OUT NOW!

SD120 – Lost In Love – IYF, [email protected], Reflux & Hitman Ft Blue Eyes

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Get ready for a massive collaboration between Scarred Digital and Justice Hardcore as the crew create an uplifting, euphoric UKHC track!  The two labels strongest elements come out in this release: Big catchy riffs, melodic breakdowns and immense synth work complemented with the hypnotic vocal from Blue Eyes.


SD119 – Swank – Nizami Plus & Lux

OUT NOW: Beatport (From £1.50), Track It Down (From £1.49), Juno (From £0.83),  iTunes (£0.99), Spotify

Australia’s hottest duo Nizami Plus and Lux totally ‘Swank’ out the scene with their debut UK Hardcore release. Dirty basslines, energetic riffs and gaming elements with a touch class – this is one not to miss!

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